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PhD Research Title

Researching the knowledge journey practices of Indigenous Elders relevant to the younger generation:

A community-based participatory study

This research focuses on the new phenomena coined as 'Indigenous Knowledge Journey' (IKJ) practices observed during the cyclical process of how Indigenous Elder's knowledge is created, synthesise, translated, and ethical dissemination of both cultural stories and communal activities within a social and cultural context. This research is grounded by the community-based participatory research (CBPR) principles and Video Ethnography paradigm. Inadequacy of information relating to the new phenomena coined as ‘ Indigenous Knowledge Journey’ is cautiously examined as it cyclically intertwined from the foundation of its knowledge through the dissemination of traditional stories and experiences.  Today, oral knowledge is being eroded by a range of factors including the new technologies which create barriers between generations (1) maintaining the integrity of oral knowledge, particularly when the spoken language is translated to written form (2)f ailure to capture stories ethically (for and with Aboriginal people) and transcribing them fully (3) Aboriginal Elders alive today are still part of a continuing story of the stolen generation, displacement from their land and research exploitation. Continuing gap across the field of research between Indigenous knowledge, and the dominant knowledge system remains unanswered.


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